LinuxSystem's VAIOLabs
Software Developement - Hardware Design - Quality Assuarence

We are working on this site slowly yet productivly to show to everyone our skills and possible functions that we can help you to create the software needed by you. What we do ?


We are independent group of young people who started this small business to try to make change in world of Israeli IT.
LinuxSystems LTD / VAIOlabs specializes in Linux/Unix systems as well as in heterogenic systems that need Developing, / and upgrading. We provide needed skills and knowledge-base to our customers:
*nix OS, Servers, Desktops, Optimizations, Networking, Security, Scripting, Monitoring, Storage, Virtualization, Planning, Pen-Testing, Open-Source, DevOps, Automation, Onfrastructure, Firewalls, Ipsec, and many more.
Up to 12 years of experience with Linux/Unix systems, in heterogenic environment, with vast knowledge in systems planning, deploying and management.

We love (from work our POV at least) developing systems. The systems and websites have become a tools to achieve a goal various goals in all parts: Tools to convey a message accurately, to surf to purchase, streamline internal processes in or just enjoy every moment on the system.

As of now, we have received several prises in service and lots of recommendations from long list of our customers.
Always on time.

Whether you are a customer looking to showcase your work, a company looking to attract clients, or an enterprize looking to outsource your projects, we will be there to provide the help you need!